Welcome to the Universe!

This is our virtual classroom and a place to explore our solar system. Please click on the Solar System link to begin our journey through the universe.

Please do not EDIT this page. Also, do not make any changes to your password or account info.
Do not create your own spaces using the passwords and usernames I issued you. This is an educational wiki and needs to be used for those purposes. Please get parental permission to set up a space on another webspace host. I will delete any wiki's that are created by students on wikispace.com that are not approved by me. This is for your safety and is taken very seriously.

This is the 5th six weeks (can you believe it!) and we are spending this time bringing together all we have learned this year. Space offers many exciting careers and the future of space exploration lies with You!

You may decide to become an astrobiologist (alien hunters), astrogeologists (space rock hounds), astrophysicists (black holes) or maybe an astronaut. Everything is possible.

Please click on the following pages to explore the solar system and what NASA is up to. Feel free to ask questions in the discussion section and learn from each other. This is our class away from school. Solar System

Please remember the same manners are expected here as in the classroom. No hunting is allowed and no language that is hurtful. I am able to monitor all your discussions, and I will do so frequently. Thank you for your responsible cooperation!

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